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Grüne Woche 2020


Johann-Georg-Fendt-Straße 4
87616 Marktoberdorf


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 8342 770
Fax: +49 8342 77220

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Exhibitor profile

75 years of tractor design at Fendt

1930 saw the introduction of the first European small tractor with a 6-HP engine, mounted plough and independently driven mower.

For the first time, small and middle-sized farming operations could afford to replace horses with a tractor. The name of the programme was "Dieselroß". On the 31st of December 1937, Xaver Fendt & Co. was incorporated in the Kempten Commercial Register.

By the following year, the 1000th "Dieselross" tractor, a 16-HP F 18, had left the production line. With the introduction of model F 22 in 1938 Fendt presented a tractor which clearly showed the signs of things to come in the 50's: the 2-cylinder engine, upright radiator and 4-speed gear-box.

In 1942, a shortage of diesel oil and the prohibition of diesel tractor operation led to the development of the methane generator tractor with 25 HP.

HP Dieselross F 12 L was first introduced in 1952 and went into series production in 1953. The 12 HP Fendt tool carrier with 4 mounting areas came onto the market in 1953 and received the highest DLG award for one-man systems in 1959. Favorit 1, trendsetting in form and boasting technical features such as the 40 HP engine and the multi-gear close-ratio gearbox, was produced in 1958.

In 1961 the 100.000th Fendt tractor, a 30 HP "Farmer 2", rolled off the production line. With about 60.000 models sold to date, the Tool Carrier, a mechanised system from seeding to harvesting, reflects a particularly successful development.

With the introduction of the Favorit range with up to 150 HP in 1976, Fendt addressed a new market sector.

This was followed in 1980 by the Farmer 300-range, featuring technological innovations such as 40 kph and a rubber-supported cab. These have had a decisive influence on the market success in the past years.

"Better vision means better work" was the guiding principle leading to the creation of the 380 GTA System Tractor, the original allround-vision tractor without a bonnet, in 1984. Its secret is the ingenious concept with the under floor engine.

Fendt took the market leadership in Germany in 1985 for the first time. High-tech in compact dimensions are the distinguishing features of the 200-range from 40 to 75 HP, available as standard tractor or specialty tractor for wine and fruit growers.

1993: The 800-range was the first heavy-duty tractor in the world with turboshift, hydropneumatic cab and front axle suspension and 50 kph speed. The top performing machine: Favorit 824 with 230 hp.

The Favorit 500 C-Series (95 to 140 HP) introduced in 1994, incorporates successful features such as 50 kph speed, suspension and turboshift in the medium output range. Customers and professionals alike were impressed.

The trendsetting system vehicle Xylon (110 to 140 HP) was introduced to the market in 1995. A universal vehicle for agricultural, landscape and municipal applications.

1996: Milestone: The Vario 926, the first heavy-duty tractor with the stepless Fendt Vario transmission. A revolution in transmission design.

As leading high-tech and quality brand, Fendt becomes a part of the globally active AGCO corporation in 1997. In the same year, Fendt introduced the Favorit range with Vario from 170 to 260 HP with stepless drive technology.
1997: Introduction of the new Farmer 300C (75 to 95 HP) tractor generation.

With the introduction of the new Favorit 700 Vario range with 140 and 160 HP in 1998, Fendt set new standards for the future once again. The innovative control system and the Fendt Variotronic received international awards. 1998: The 380 GTA-Turbo with 95 HP and the 370 GTA with 75 HP - the original Allround-vision tractor.

1999: With Vario 2000, Fendt presents a complete programme from 86 to 286 HP. This programme brings the advantages of Vario to the lower medium output class from 86 HP.

2001: New in the Fendt product line is the 300 C with 75 to 100 HP, as well as the 412 Vario with 120 HP

2002: Farmer 200 V/P from 65 to 94 HP

2004 Two innovations created a sensation in 2004