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Grüne Woche 2019
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Traditional Georgian Sweets

Churchkhela – nuts dipped in flour-thickened grape juice. With its unique taste, Georgian national sweet - Churchkhela - is one of the best confections in the world. What can be more nutritious than unprocessed nuts dipped in flour-thickened grape juice?!
Churchkhela is ultimate food for people living a healthy and energetic lifestyle and it is clear why ancient Georgian warriors used to carry Churchkhelas to wars.
Nowadays mental energy is even more important than physical one. Walnuts and hazelnuts are best nourishing sources for brain (Omega 3, -6, -9), making Churchkhela a natural brainfood. Together with wheat flour and grape juice, whole nuts contain many essential nutrients.
WholeNuts® is wholesome Churchkhela produced by Nugbari according to traditional Georgian recipe and methodology. It is also vegan / vegetarian, halal, kosher, and non-GMO.
Tatara / Pelamushi is concentrated grape juice thickened with wheat / corn flour. This paste is a one of the main ingredients for well-known Georgian traditional candy - churchkhela and it is vastly popular in Georgia.
Concentrated grape juice is made from ancient Georgian white grape variety - Rkatsiteli. According to our experience, it is the best selection in the Caucasus region in terms of aroma and flavor. Besides for churchkhela, grape concentrate can be used vastly in culinary and enjoyed directly by dilution in water.
Nugbari is the world’s largest producer of famous Georgian sweet – Churchkhela. We have several brand shops in Georgia, export in 10 countries and own distribution channels for retail stores. We carefully search for and process all ingredients of our candies in our factory in Signagi, Kakheti Municipality, Georgia.
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