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Exhibitor profile

Shaping the agricultural future with the „Hühnermobil“ – the mobile hen house made by Stallbau Weiland

Free range chicken clucking happily on next door’s meadow – a sight and sound many of us haven’t seen and heard in years. But this could change now. With agriculture coming more and more often under criticism, consumers start looking increasingly for fairly produced fresh regional products. These customer requests demand innovative solutions, and Stallbau Weiland supplies one of them: fully mobile hen houses for free-range chicken husbandry, taking care of the welfare of animals, humans and environment at the same time. 10 years‘ of farming experience with 250.000 hen spaces throughout Germany clearly show that everybody profits from fully mobile free-range poultry husbandry.
The hens‘ mobile living conditions are reflected in their eggs, too – they literally carry the sunshine in their yolks! The deep yellow, nearly orange colour of the yolks is a direct result of the healthy foraging conditions egg-laying hens enjoy in our fully mobile free-range chicken husbandry system. Permanent access to green outdoor runs allow egg laying hens and broilers alike to run around, scratch, peck and forage to their hearts’ content. A varied and healthy diet with lots of roughage, lots of opportunity to “stretch their legs” (and wings!!) make for healthy growth and result in a new quality of eggs and meat. Regional, high quality food production based on animal welfare, transparent and honest, corresponds with consumer demands – good conscience inclusive.

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Shaping the agricultural future
Not just an eye-catcher on the meadows of the farmers, but a well-conceived solution for modern free-range chicken husbandry: Stallbau Weiland’s fully mobile chicken coop, developed, built and sold by their more than 60 employees in Northern Hessia. This particularly species-appropriate and environmentally friendly animal husbandry system is a success model used on more than 550 farms in 9 countries. And it proves that consumers are in fact willing to pay a good price for fairly produced agricultural products.
Once per week the Hühnermobil is moved with all occupants to a new section of meadow or farmland. In doing so, all open air grazing areas remain green, even those areas close to the chicken pen. The fully mobile hen house offers chickens and farmers everything required by modern chicken husbandry: a clever light management system and full insulation for high egg laying performance all year round and, most importantly, easy movability of the hen house due to a closed bottom panel. Our system guarantees animals daily access to fresh, green outdoor runs, independent of weather conditions. Muddy open air ranges, nutrient enrichment or problems with parasites which can easily become a problem in conventional free range chicken husbandry, do not occur with our system.
Both layers and broilers profit from daily access to outdoor runs and high intake of green forage as it keeps them healthy and vital without medication. The meat of the broilers is of exceptionally high quality and the layers produce many tasty eggs with deep yellow, nearly orange yolks – and no chicken feed colourants are necessary to achieve these results! High quality products, transparent free range poultry husbandry system and a visible contribution to animal and environmental welfare - these are the reasons why customers are willing to pay good prices for both meat and eggs.
The fully mobile chicken husbandry system is a reply to the question of what the future of agriculture could look like. A future in which local farming structures are strengthened and trends are fostered which lead to an economic revitalization of rural communities. This would ultimately benefit all: farmers, animals, consumers, region, society and environment.
The detailed meaning of this and how this husbandry system can contribute towards a responsible and sustainable form of agriculture will be shown at our stand 227 in exhibition hall 1.2. Come and see us there and take the opportunity to taste Hühnermobil eggs – you will taste the difference!