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  • CAFÉ ORGÁNICO PERUANO ALTOMAYO // Peruvian organic coffee Altomayo

    Coffee is the main export agricultural product in Peru. Its cultivation is concentrated in Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) and all its variation. This coffee is produced mostly in the inter-Andean valleys and the eastern Andes, in their encounter with the Peruvian jungle.  ORGANIC COFFEE ALTOMAYO The ecological premium coffee from the Andes stands for fair trade, social responsibility, sustainable management and better living conditions for our farmers and their families. Its noble Altomayo Ar…

    The non-alcoholic Chicha Morada is made from purple corn, which grows mainly in the highlands of the Andes. Traditionally, the corn is mixed in water with various fruit peel and spices and cooked until the liquid becomes a dark purple color. It is sieved, refined with lemon juice and sugar and served cold at the end.

    The creamy cocktail is also made with Pisco. The Algarrobina syrup is mixed with pisco, cinammon and condensed milk and a dash of sugar syrup. Then add ice cubes and a complete, fresh egg and mix in the cocktail blender until a creamy-brown liquid with a foam crown is formed. Tastes very interesting!
  • Patronato Gastronomico del Peru

    • Professionals Professionals
    Promote Peruvian cuisine and its products promote healthy lifestyles promote sustainable projects to vulnerable groups practice social responsibility to children We extend our projects worldwide looking for opportunities to support groups of entrepreneurs for growth in their areas that are in the process of improving their environment. we rely on institutions and companies for human development projects to vulnerable groups

    Ceviche is a traditional fish dish from Peru, which is mainly eaten on the coast. Logical, because here fishing plays an essential role in people's lives. The cold Humboldt Stream has been supplying coastal waters with first-class fish and seafood for centuries. “Cevicherias” is the name of the fish restaurants where the limeños (the inhabitants of Lima) stop. For them, ceviche is what bread is for Europeans. Indispensable, only much healthier. It is our national dish and our pride and joy. The …

    The pisco sour is originally from Peru, it is a cocktail prepared with pisco and lemon juice. The denomination of the name comes from the union of the words "pisco" (a type of grape brandy that has 40% of alcohol) which was discovered in the city with the same name, and "sour" (in reference to the family of cocktails that use lemon as part of their recipe). It is considered as the national cocktail and we celebrate every year, in the first Saturday of February, the annual holiday in honor of Pis…
  • Preparation of peruvian ceviche

    Preparations of healthy and traditional Peruvian Ceviche, representative dish of Peru for visitors